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George has been invaluable in not only strength training, but also in sport-specific training, sport-specific injury prevention, as well as proper technique in weight training, and nutrition counseling. He is absolutely passionate about his profession and his enthusiasm for what he does is contagious.   -Traci & Dave B.


 If you are considering pursuing a fitness regiment, whether it is for a specific goal, or for general fitness, George has the unique ability to provide a wide variety of workouts that will both keep it fresh and stimulating, and help you in reaching your goals!          -Brad E.


 I am 40 years old and I am stronger now than when I was 25 years old. The results from where we started to now are incredible! I would recommend George to anyone who is interested in working out with a personal trainer. You will definitely see the results you are looking to achieve.    -Mike Z.


 George is an inspirational motivator who demonstrates clearly & effectively! George is without a doubt, the most personable, knowledgeable, and effective personal trainer we have ever come across and can only recommend him to the highest degree possible!               -Galen & Sarah P. 


 It's a delight to have George as my trainer and I'm grateful for what he taught me about myself and how to get the body I want. I would highly recommend George as a personal fitness trainer to anyone!   -Lindsey F.  


George recognized my challenges and limitations and always provided an alternative method that worked for me, and kept me focused and motivated. Thanks George!                    -Wayne B.


George has provided invaluable advice on nutrition, that has helped me to develop a healthy diet that improved my overall energy during the day. George's confidence in me was inspirational, and his enthusiasm pushed me so that each workout was challenging. I felt a sense of accomplishment each time I trained with George. I truly thank George for allowing me to attain goals that I could not have accomplish without him!    -Geof G.


George has managed to keep me coming back because of his results and attitude. I know I can tell the results when I put on clothes or go shopping and get to grab smaller sizes! His attitude is something to look forward to when you need to workout. George helps you stay positive and pushes you to reach your own goals. I have happily recommended George to all of my friends!      -Amanda N.


George has done a great job in improving my health and physical fitness! He was able to put together a unique work out program that would meet my physical needs. I recommend George as a fitness trainer to anyone!    -Courtney W.


George has educated me on proper nutritional eating also cardio and weight training that has enabled me to feel and look better, thus improving my quality of life!  -Judy P.


I was slightly overweight, unconditioned, and chronically tired. George has made the transition easy for me, his direction and patient guidance have been invaluable. The results have been beyond my expectations!   -Eric C.

I have trained with two other personal trainers, one who works at a corporate gym and another who trained me like his time in the indoor football league. Both of them can not compare to the training that George provides when he consults with your needs as well as your goals. I have trained with George for about a year now and can not believe the results that I have seen with his workot routines. I have gained more muscle since training with George and have seen definition in my abdominal area with his killer ab workouts. George takes the time to get to know what your eating habits are so that he can accustom you to better meals that fit around your likings. He constantly pushed me farther than what I ever thought I could achieve........Thanks George!!!!
    -Jimmy M.


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