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Personal Training

      Each training session is an hour long. It's having the consistency with healthy meal choices and a great workout program is where you'll see your best results! Payment plans are available.


         If you prefer to workout with a friend then team training sessions, with two people, is right for you! The sessions are an hour long and the price is divided evenly between the two participants. Payment plans are available.

Fitness Assessment                                                                      A fitness assessment will consist of an overall evaluation of your fitness level as well as your knowledge on fitness and nutrition as a whole. An assessment will also include a workout that will last, in turn, a total of 30 minutes. After the assessment is completed, and you can then decide to purchase any training package, the price of the fitness assessment will go towards the purchase of your training package.

1 Fitness Assessment = $30/person


Nutritional Coaching                                                                                   
         Nutrition is considered to be 80% of the process whether you are trying to gain lean hard muscle or properly lose weight . The toughest question people come across with nutrition is, "what should I be eating?"  With uniquely designed meal plans, the nutritional coaching package will help you make healthier food choices and allow
good nutrition to become a part of your everyday life with ease. This invaluable nutritional coaching package will help put you on the right track to achieving your goals faster! Corporate discounts are available!
$25/nutritional coaching only.                             
$99/nutritional coaching and daily menu.

Workout Program

If you're already an advanced lifter and looking to get a great workout program to help you explode past that plateau, or an elite athlete wanting a routine specifically designed
 just for you then I
have exactally what you need!
1 Individual Workout Program = $55


















































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