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         I am a certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist, and self-defense instructor. Specializing in nutrition, bodybuilding, kickboxing, self-defense, sport-specific training, cardiovascular training, power lifting, and fitness/boot camps.  
         I have
 been involved with fitness for over seventeen years, earning two first place trophies in my debut as a bodybuilder winning both the novice tall and novice over-all divisions! I currently hold a world record in the dead lift category, with the 
100% Raw Power Lifting Federation, lifting 585 lbs. at 3 times my bodyweight! 

        During my career as a personal trainer, with my individually customized training programs, I have helped clients to tone-up and reshape their bodies, build muscle, improve strength and cardiovascular endurance, and create better eating habits through nutritional programming making a positive difference in people's lives. It takes an enormous amount of discipline, dedication, and determination in which I help my clients to find and keep through accountability. My unique training style helps to make the workouts fun, challenging, and different every time! Statistics show that muscle confusion helps to promote muscle growth, and at the same time prevent the body from plateauing.   


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